Addem Capital secures a deal with the financial tech company Bien para Bien

Addem Capital secures a deal with the financial tech company Bien para Bien

In a new step on their quest to turn access to financing into a motor for the Latin American economy, the private fund Addem Capital decided to invest in Bien para Bien. This financing company provides liquidity loans secured by real estate.

The non-banking financial institution was founded by Victor Borrás, an experienced banker who led and grew Infonavit, Latin America’s largest mortgage financing institution. They specialize in home equity loans, which allow for high-asset recovery rates, zero losses, and low levels of non-performing loans.

While Addem Capital has become a key player in the blooming field of Mexican private funds, Bien para Bien has become a leader in the fintech credit sector. Their leverage of data and machine learning technology for improving financial inclusion in Mexico has secured their position as one of the region’s main engines of the financial tech revolution.

Victor Borrás believes that home equity loan is an underserved and attractive market. Bien para Bien has a unique value proposition driven by financial inclusion, giving credit access to SMEs and Mexican families by combining mortgage, finance, and technology expertise.

"We've developed a proprietary digital platform which allows us to originate and do servicing in a very efficient way."

"We are pleased to have Addem Capital as an investor in our financing structure. This debt financing facility will help us continue our accelerated growth plan in the home equity loan sector and consolidate Bien para Bien as the leading player in the industry, offering flexible financial solutions through technology”.

For this first phase, the investment by Addem Capital will amount to 60 million MXN, which will be partially used to acquire a portfolio that was originated by Bien para Bien and financed with a warehouse lending facility. Subsequently, phase 2 is expected to be deployed in Q1 of 2023. This innovative debt structure will strengthen the company’s position and act as another step toward transforming the regional financial panorama through the democratization of credit.

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