Addem Capital Closes with Mexican Neobank Oyster its First Debt Funding Agreement in 2021

Addem Capital Closes with Mexican Neobank Oyster its First Debt Funding Agreement in 2021

Addem Capital, a private debt fund specialized in creating and financing structured debt facilities for fintech loan originators in Latin America, has just closed its first debt funding agreement of 2021 with Oyster, a mexican neobank that provides credit solutions to small businesses using data science to enhance user experience.

The Silicon Valley and Mexico City-based company led by former Payclip co- founders, Vilash Poovala (co-Founder and CEO) and Gabriel León (co-Founder and Head of Commercial & Partner Solutions); recently raised a $14M seed round, the largest venture capital funding in Latin America so far in accordance with LAVCA statistics.

Addem Capital is fully compromised with the new neobank model, they see Oyster’s banking technology as one of the best in the Latin American market. Within their platform’s capability, Oyster analyzes and predicts cash flows in order to recommend and pre-approve financial services to fulfill client needs, such as credit cards and loans.

Through this partnership we aim to increase the number of loans allocated by Oyster by more than five times the current amount. With Oyster’s help, more and more businesses will continue to grow into competitive environments by allowing them to obtain credits faster and with much better rates.

“We are thrilled to see how the fintech ecosystem evolves in the following years in Latin America. The region has been lacking game-changing players like Oyster and it is quite exciting being along for the ride in any way possible.

These type of companies maintain extremely efficient risk controls while implementing the type of out-of-the-box thinking that drives world change…we are excited to see what is next for everyone involved with Oyster.”

– Pedro Cetina, Managing Partner.

SMBs in Mexico struggle to grow because the traditional banks aren’t offering the financing needed for each business’s unique context. At Oyster, we believe that offering credit products combining great rates and a delightful user experience is a great way to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Like Oyster, Addem Capital’s team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, and together we’re driven to offer the kinds of credit that business owners really need.

– Vilash Poovala, Oyster´s Co-founder & CEO.

Goldberg-Zogovic, S.A.P.I. de C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R. le informa que no solicita ningún tipo de pago previo al otorgamiento de crédito, ni depósitos a cuentas de terceros y las Sras. Luz Marin Torres Mendoza e Isabel Ramirez no colaboran en esta empresa.